About Findjobs

Years ago, finding a job was simple and straight forward.

  • • Buy a copy of newspaper classified job ad
  • • Flip thru the advertisement and marked down the job(s) you want
  • • For PMETs, they will usually write in with a copy of their resume, for the Rank & File they will just pick-up the phone and call “Are you hiring for a driver?”

Fast forward to today, the integration of online job portals with AI, chatbot and powerfully built algorithm matching jobseekers’ skillsets to job opportunities. Finding jobs has become more intelligent and effortless. Or is it? Or has it become more complicated and unfriendly?

  • • Sign up/ Sign in
  • • Key in Password
  • • Log-in with social media account
  • • Create a profile
  • • Beautify your CV

Are these really useful for jobseekers? Or are these becoming more of a hindrance to them?

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To create a simple & barriers-free “bridge” to connect employers and jobseekers.
Classified job ads in your mobile phone**
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