Attendant, Housekeeping (Room)

S & P Manpower Agency Pte Ltd
Full Time: $1400 - $1900 / month

Job Description

You will perform daily cleaning and oversee the cleanliness of our residents' homes in accordance with our established procedures and guidelines. You will report directly to the Housekeeping Manager / Housekeeping Supervisor.
You will:
• Clean and inspect an allocated number of apartments set by the Housekeeping Supervisor
• Check through the apartment's inventories with residents upon check-in and check-out
• Ensure that cleanliness, proper amenities and literature placement are met according to
working procedures and standards
• Report any loss, damage to linen, furniture, fixtures and equipment, and maintenance defects
to the Housekeeping Supervisor or the Engineering Department
• Assist to train outsourced room attendants in housekeeping procedures and standards
• Oversee the performance of your assigned outsourced room attendants
• Provide support in daily operations by:
o Replenishing supplies (Eg; drinking glasses, writing supplies and bathroom items) o Ensuring all equipment is in good working condition
o Attending to residents’ requests
• Assist in monthly linen inventory in your assigned area
• Update status of apartments
• Manage the storing and issuance of linen and uniform
• Ensure that the laundry contractor meets cleanliness standards and deadlines
• Sort, count and record the number of linen and soiled articles
• Examine laundered items to ensure cleanliness and serviceability
• Perform related tasks as assigned

Work Location (MRT)

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