Uniforce Security Services Pte Ltd
Full Time: $2100 - $2400 / month

Job Description

Incident Management & Reporting
Supervise deployment at major / large-scale events.
Respond to and report incidents at major / largescale events.
Manage security incidents at major / large-scale events and report to relevant authorities.

Supervise and direct security person.

Execute Evacuation Plans & Exercises
Execute evacuation plans or exercises.

General Screening
Screening people / staff / vehicle seeking entry.
Person and properties checks.

Operate Security & Safety Systems
Central Al+I5ar+I5m Monitoring System (CAMS).
Fire control system.
Lift control system.
Electronic carpark system.

Regulating Traffic (Road Traffic Act)
Regulate traffic under Section 142B of Road Traffic Act.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), CAMS, Fire Command Centre (FCC) Monitoring
Full time guarding through CCTV / CAMS / FCC monitoring.
Maintain CCTV storage libraries.
Preserve evidence.

Assist Ministries, Statutory Boards or Government Departments in Law Enforcement Duties

Key Press Management
Exercise control over keys to areas defined as critical or sensitive by the client

Guarding & Patrolling
Guard properties, preventing thefts.
Clock routes.
Check for leaks and signs of fire / smoke.
Check and prevent entry of unauthorized people / staff.
Check that security system / equipment are working and not tampered with.
Check that exits are clear and secured and doors / windows secured.
Turn off unnecessary light / taps.
Note and report irregularities.
Check perimeter fences / walls for wear & tear or forced entry.
Manage vehicle parking allocation.
Check lighting is in working order.
Ensure loading bay doors and good lifts are secured when not in use.

Access & Egress Control
Control entry and exit.
Conduct identity check and pass exchange.
Authorize access to staff and visitors.
Operate gates, door or barriers.
Supervise car parks and loading / unloading areas.
Traffic control within client premise.
Maintain access control records.
Escort visitors.

Basic Incident Response
Respond to and report alarms.
Respond to and report to fire related incidents.
Respond to and report crimes or public order incidents.
Respond to and report suspicious persons, belongings, vehicles.
Respond to and report medical emergencies.
Respond to and report bomb or terrorist threats.
Respond to and report lift breakdown, power failure.
Respond to and report burst water pipe / leaking or ruptured sprinklers.


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