S & P Manpower Agency Pte Ltd
Full Time: $2700 - $3000 / month

Job Description

Take care of all guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest by: 
a. Assisting lyf residents with their check-in (via mobile app or kiosk) and mobile key activation 
b. Encouraging members to download the lyf app to explore and interact with the lyf community 
c. Explore the various functions of the app with residents 
 i. Mobile key, how to message lyf Guards, make ancillary purchases 
d. Handle guest queries pertaining to facilities, services, registration and information regarding shopping, 
banking, dining, entertainment, and local events etc. 
e. Conduct tours for new lyf residents and potential residents, as well as business partners. 
f. Receives and transmits messages to guests promptly 
2) Ensure operational efficiency by: a. Monitoring record of room availability using PMS/RMS whichever is 
b. Ensures that processes carried out adheres to corporate guidelines 
c. Perform book-keeping activities whenever necessary 
d. Doing regular rounds to ensure cleanliness of property – especially in social spaces 
e. Handling walk-ins, emails, and phone enquiries through mobile / tablet device 
f. Light housekeeping/engineering duties and liaising with relevant outsourced contractors for cleaning and 
3) Create an inclusive and collaborative community by: 
a. Maintaining resident preference profiles and track their likes and dislikes 
b. Assisting the Ambassador of Buzz to: 
 i. Execute community initiatives designed to create connections between residents 
 ii. Supervise in-building events for compliance with house rules and intercede or escalate issues as they arise 
c. Solving member related issues to ensure a cohesive community and to manage member expectations 
d. Assist the AOB in curating and planning calendar for residents and in-building events 
e. Proactively interact with residents and provide constructive recommendations to enhance their stay 
f. Handle correspondences relating to residents, be it event notices or replying to their enquiries 
g. At lyf, lyf Guards will be given much more empowerment to react to residents’ needs. In turn, lyf Guards 
should proactively interact with and understand residents’ requirements. 


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