HR Intern / Executive

B & Wong Retail Pte Ltd
Full Time: $3000 - $3500 / month

Job Description

The HR Team:

We are the cheerleaders, the planners, the secret builders to ensure that everyone in the TCL family can do their best work in the most nurturing, positive environment; we align the team with the company's vision, to ensure laser sharp focus on growth as a unit.

As an HR Executive, you will be responsible for:

1. The full spectrum of HR function such as:
2. Onboarding of new employees and offboarding of departing employees
3. Overseeing and maintaining employee systems
4. Updating and maintaining employee records in a timely and accurately
5. Thorough processing of payroll, CPF contributions, including income tax returns
6. Administration of government-paid claims (e.g. NS, Childcare, Maternity claims)
7. Ensuring employee benefits are administered in a timely and efficient manner
8. Maintenance of employee P-files and the accurate and timely updates of all employee data in HR system
9. Process adherence according to Singapore MOM Compliances and Employment Acts
10. Preparation of all HR related letters
11. Updating of HR-related news and updates (including staff handbook, global policy, and insurance) on our HR portal
12. Ensuring Enforcement of HR SOP and guidelines written in Employee Handbook
13. Maintaining of HR Benefits and Compensation or Insurance Claims matters
14. The full cycle recruitment process, to ensure that we hire the candidates who will fit into the TCL family, where you will:
- Source and interview candidates
- Be in charge of the application and cancellation of work passes, including renewals and all - MOM-related administrative matters
- Prepare and issue employment related letters
- Partner hiring managers to ensure effective recruitment strategies are adopted to attract, hire, and retain the right talents
- Measure and analyse employee retention and turnover rates

Assisting the HR manager in:

Administering regular performance reviews and improvement of systems related to HR
Human Resource Policy formulation, enhancement, and implementation
Handling of all employees’ matters such as grievances, development, needs assessment and training program, appraisal for annual increment and performance bonus
Assessing the training needs and coordinate learning and development initiatives for all employees
Tactically design compensation and benefits packages
Career path categorization (including Annual Leave Package, working hours and days per week, Remuneration Package Component and etc.)
Applying for government-related grants and programmes when required
Creating good health and wellness programmes for the team
Year on year budget setting exercise
All in all, you will be the people’s cheerleader, you will receive full support from the management and will be enabled to empower employees to speak up comfortably so as to better understand their needs, concerns, aspirations to build a create a wonderful work environment where the TCL family will feel safe and can be honest and transparent with each other.

Work Location (MRT)

Work Location

12 TAI SENG LINK, 534233


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