Investigation Officer - Quality Assurance & Quality Control Officer

J&T Express Singapore
Full Time: $3000 - $3500 / month

Job Description

· Conduct briefing/ training to employees on regulations and organisation practices.
· Ensure operational activities are in compliance with standard operating procedures and regulations.
· Perform investigation on operational activities and identify/ rectify shortfalls in processes.
· Assist in creating exception reports and metrics that can lead to proactive prevention of negative occurrences.
· To be able to observe trends and analyse data on occurrences in order to provide insight.
· Assist in creating monthly reports for compensation trends according to relevant departments
· Co-ordinates compensation handling with respective parties, handles, follows up occurrences with relevant parties, insurance companies and all stakeholders.
· Perform action plans in response to audit discoveries and compliance violations.
Advise management on possible operational and compliance risks.

Daily Job Scope:
· Oversee the day-to-day operations and activities that raised for execution.
· Collaborate with various departmental heads to develop and implement investigation processes and policies.
· Establish work objectives and implement action plans for achieving set targets.
· Ensure case investigators adhere to set procedures and regulations for complaint or case handling.
· Conduct performance audits to identify operational leaks and make appropriate adjustments in order to improve work efficiency.
· Proffer recommendations to management on best ways to generally enhance case investigation services and processes.
· Promote the image and public perception of a company by adhering to set customer service procedures when carrying out job duties.
Review and evaluate investigation reports to make proper adjustment necessary for achieving set objectives.

Quarterly Report:
· Operation Audits
Operational audits may cover a variety of areas including evaluating whether or not internal controls are sufficient and working as intended, operating procedures are being performed consistently and efficiently, and activities within the company are in compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies.
· Performance Audits
Performance audits are performed to evaluate an organisation’s actual performance as compared with the goals and objectives set by management.

Work Location (MRT)

Work Location



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