Kitchen Assistance For Nutrition And Food Science (NFS) - MOE Schools

WSH Experts Pte Ltd
Full Time: $1500 - $1998 / month

Job Description

A. Training /Induction by NFS teachers
1.Use and general maintenance of the cookers / ovens / grills / microwave ovens.
2.Use and general maintenance of small kitchen appliances like blenders, cake mixers, food processors, electric steamers, etc.
3.Use and general maintenance of washing machine.
4.Kitchen terms and familiarization with common utensils like masher, palette knives, patty tins, etc.
5.Food preparations, quantity and portioning for before and after recess classes.
6.Kitchen and food hygiene (includes proper food handling and storage).
7.Kitchen safety (handling electrical appliances and sharp objects, keeping them safe).
8.Provide update of perishables and dry goods to teachers ordering for the classes.
9.Provide update of kitchen utensils of each unit and main storage areas to teachers.

B.  Daily Duties: 
For Practical Lessons and Exams:  
1.General cleaning of kitchens including sanitizing and cleaning table tops, sinks, cookers, sweeping and mopping of the floor and emptying dustbins.
2.Fill up the soaps containers, check the cutlery and ensure equipment are in place for each unit.
3.Take in the day’s food orders delivered. Put on trays for the respective teachers. Clear unwanted packaging or boxes.
4.Teachers to brief the week’s practical, recipe given, sample of layout given so that kitchen helper can start preparations for the morning classes.
5.Assist teachers during lessons, help to replenish items, clear teachers’ centre tables, assist students with cookers/ovens/grill/blenders/steamers, mop spills, etc.
6.After lessons to clean up and store food properly. Note the leftovers to carry forward. Prepare for after recess lessons where needed.
7.After lessons: Check all cookers are switched off, sinks are clean, cookers are clean and rubbish is disposed of. Clear the centre store table.
8.Laundry for kitchen towels: Wash and hang dry. Fold in sets of 10 for each class (1 kitchen towel + 1 tea towel). 
9.Must have 3 sets of 10 at a time for the 2 kitchens.


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