Production Head Chef

Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd
Full Time: $3000 - $5000 / month

Job Description

· Overall in-charge of the Kitchen department in the JR Central Kitchen, ensuring the preparation of high quality meals in accordance to company standards, menu specifications and production schedules.

· Responsible for overseeing the Kitchen team in the preparation of meals, while meeting required safety, hygiene and quality standards.

· To lead and manage the JR Central Kitchen team to achieve production goals, productivity and profitability KPIs set by the Management.

· Work closely with the Executive Director and Line departments in the pursuit for continuous improvement in products, menu items and promotions.

· To plan, establish and maintain an optimum “lean” operational structure within the Kitchen department in the JR Central Kitchen, so as to ensure the effective and efficient running of the Kitchen.

· To ensure that all menu recipes are standardized to maintain consistent quality output from the JR Central Kitchen and to monitor and ensure compliance with recipe specifications.

· To ensure the consistent and timely production of new Chef-in-box (CIB) products and that the products produced are of good desirable quality.

· To manage the cost control of raw materials, food cost and related kitchen operational expenses under the JR Central Kitchen.

· To control food production volumes / quantities, and to minimize over production and wastages without compromising on quality.

· To plan and drive the development of new culinary recipes and menus, and to work closely with the Executive Chef and R&D team to implement new items.

· Oversee the day-to-day production and operations in the Kitchen which includes the planning and directing of all food preparation; as well as ensuring proper staffing requirements are met.

· Coordinates and controls the Kitchen team in food storage (e.g. maintaining tidiness, following the first-in first-out procedure).

· Conducts, coordinates and supervises the inventory at the JR Central Kitchen. Maintain stock inventory appropriately and ensure that all storage areas are tidy and all products are stored appropriately.

· Ensure the availability of supplies and food or approved substitutions in adequate time for preparation.

· To plan, supervise and execute food preparation and production activities. E.g. proper cleaning, cutting, marinating, seasoning, cooking of food items, etc.

· Prepare food for production (e.g. cutting vegetables, meats, preparing sauces, etc.), which is according to the established specification requirements and procedures, menu recipes and presentation instructions at all times. Cook menu items in cooperation with the rest of the Kitchen team.

· Maintain a prepared, clean and sanitary work area at all times; clean and maintain equipment used in food preparation.

· To ensure that all staff are compliant to the safety, hygiene and sanitation procedures at all times.

· Teach and train staff of preparation and presentation changes to the menu items.

· Maintain a positive and professional approach with co-workers and customers.

· Responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the JR Central Kitchen’s kitchen facilities and equipment.

· To establish a clear succession / rotation plan for the Kitchen staff in the respective work area and/or functional work responsibilities within the JR Central Kitchen.

· To act in the best interest of the company in all circumstances.

· Answer, report and follow the instructions of the Executive Director in-charge at all times.

· Any other appropriate duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Work Location (MRT)

Work Location



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