Noko Global
Full Time: $2000 - $4500 / month

Job Description

We are on the lookout for wonderful SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS to join our fantastic team!

Core Competencies needed for this role, but not limited to:

Curriculum and instructional excellence
• Assess, evaluate, teach and manage children with disabilities in a small group setting.
• Plan engaging and well-paced lessons taking account of the diverse learner profiles of students
• Deliver lessons using evidence-based pedagogy and meaningful activities, to meet the educational needs of individual students
• Knowledge & understanding of the developmental areas related to early childhood
• Skills and knowledge to write appropriate lesson plan (includes lesson objectives, teaching activities, play experiences, environment and methodology) and teaching materials
• Ability to use different teaching methods and classroom management skills for children with disabilities and/or multiple disabilities
• Knowledge of the appropriate resources and technology (i.e. assistive technology) to use to teach children with disability
• Ability to arouse and sustain interest /involvement from children through varied activities
• Skills to structure classroom environment to meet the needs of children as well as ensure their health and safety
• Knowledge & skills to manage behaviour through appropriate behaviour intervention strategies

Holistic Student Development
• Understanding of typical & atypical developmental milestones in children
• Normal Physical Development (i.e. motor development, neurological development; sensory development)
• Abnormal Delayed Development (emphasis on severely physically and cognitively delayed child)
• Knowledge of various types of disabilities (e.g. ASD, GDD, CP, Down syndrome, HI, VI)
• Knowledge of common screening measures
• Knowledge, understanding and Writing of IEP (e.g. how to link the assessment to the development of an IEP)

What We Offer
• Competitive pay package commensurate with candidate’s qualification & relevant work experience.
• Work in a dynamic, fun, and multi-cultural environment.
• Work in a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychologists.
• Pathways for career progression

• Possess minimally a recognized Diploma / Degree in Special Education (SPED) or Early Childhood (Special Needs) or Bachelors in Psychology (taken modules in Developmental Psychology/ Abnormal Psychology/ Cognitive Psychology)
• Other relevant certification by professional bodies relating to special education or early intervention may be considered.
• Passionate about our Company's mission of helping individuals break through any educational challenges they may face.
• Possess working experience with young children with learning/developmental difficulties is preferred.
• Working experience in an early intervention setting is a plus.
• Able to commence in Jan / Feb 2022.
• Other relevant certification by professional bodies relating to special education or early intervention may be considered.


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