Temp Chemical Store Assistant

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Contract: $2000 - $2800 / month,

Job Description


Position : Temp Chemical Store Assistant

CBC Store daily Operation

Processing of Deliveries from Vendors for research group (≈20 per day) 
•Receiving of goods for research group and CBC Store. 

1.Ensure all goods are in good condition when received.
2.Ensure all goods are in correct quantity when received.
3.Ensure all goods are stored according to their respective requirement like room temperature, 0-10 degree C, -20 degree C, -80 degree C, flammable chemicals stored in flammable cabinet, Gas cylinders in inert gas room.
•Processing of Delivery Orders from vendors. 

1.Check delivery address, billing address and purchaser are accurate
2.Original DO and invoice to be submitted to NSS local support (lv 5 chair office). 2 extra copies of DO are required, 
3.One copy of DO for research group when they collect the goods from CBC store.
4.One copy of DO for filing with receiver’s signature and name for identification purpose.
5.Rejecting deliveries (Unapproved controlled items, Wrong address, etc)  
6.Issue goods receive from vendors on behalf of research groups to the respective groups upon collection. 

 CBC Lab supplies (Operation) 

Monitor stock availability in the CBC Store (≈500 Items) 

1.Check all stock availability for all categories ( chemical, solvent, gas, glassware and consumables)
2.Liaise with various vendors to ensure prompt deliveries and planning of scheduled delivery according to the required demand.
3.Unpacking and refilling of goods in compactor, chemical cabinet and solvent cabinet.
4.Find alternative solutions if vendor is unable to supply our demand

Sourcing of Quotations to raise PRs 

1.Search required item in Ariba, raise PR if it is available in Ariba E-catalogue.
2.Items not found in Ariba, call vendors to check for ex-stock, shipment lead time and price. If suitable ask them for quotation and raise PR in Ariba.

Liaise with various vendors to source for items with meet our requirement (eg. Glasswares, solvent, chemical and gases)
Feedback to vendors regarding any quality issues (eg. Hexane tech, quality of glassware, type of gas cylinder) 

CBC store inventory online orders

1.Ensure all collection orders are approved by PI.
2.Checked that all goods issued are correct and tally with the approved order.
3.Research groups are required to register in CBC store if they are buying ethanol AR grade.
4.Amend and update data (PIs, Users, Grant numbers, etc) on the CBC Store Online inventory System 

Processing of monthly invoices for each research groups (≈40 per month) 

1.Download all invoices for the billing month from inventory system.
2.Ensure that all invoice are collected back promptly with the required signature or email approval (For CBC and PAP)
3.Submit the collected invoices to Noelle and checking of grant account balance.
4.Scan all approved invoice from Noelle and use intra-billing template and submit through service now workday.
5.Maintain a record of invoices and usage of special Grants (FYP, Summer research, etc) 

Liquid Nitrogen Tank 

•Raise ITQ for the supply of Liquid Nitrogen to CBC and the maintenance of the Liquid Nitrogen Tank. 
•Requested vendor to replace the metal hose (for dispensing Liquid Nitrogen) due to wear and tear 
•Minimize any disruption to the supply of the liquid Nitrogen Tank.

Waste Disposal 

•Liaise with waste disposal company (Modern asia and Eco waste) to collect waste 2 times a week according to the waste collection schedule and to replenish empty 20L carboy, 60L drum and 660L MGB bin. 
•Submit NEA E-tracking forms for each waste collection (≈2 per week) 
•Research group need to register the amount of waste and type of waste in CBC store office before disposal
•Ensure that all waste from research groups meet the safety requirement with proper GHS labels before they are place in the waste collection room. 

Card access management•Lias with ODFM card coding team on granting access to end users for CBC division.
•Ensure all security access applicants have cleared by safety officer before granting access to end users 
•Extension of card access for end users (post-grad, FYP and summer research students)


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